Our Products

At Las Vegas Esthetics we have built our reputation on creating expert products, specializing in neuromuscular dentistry and high-end esthetics. Each case receives the scrupulous attention of one of our technicians, and to ensure quality and accuracy, each case is meticulously reviewed.

You can unequivocally rely on Las Vegas Esthetics to deliver your cases on time. Our typical turnaround for composite restorations is seven business days while porcelain cases typically require ten business days. Understanding that some cases require a faster turnaround time, we work with our clients to accommodate special requests.

Las Vegas Esthetics’ absolute confidence in our products is reflected in our five-year guarantee. In the rare event your case requires a correction, we will handle it free of charge.

Some of our services include:

- Cercon Zirconia

- Composites: Belleglass-Premise/Cristobal/Gradia/Tescera/Sinfony/Sculpture

- Diagnostic Wax-ups

- Empress/Empress Esthetic/E.Max

- Full Mouth Reconstruction

- Gold Inlays/Onlays/Crowns

- Implants (All types)

- Neuromuscular Orthotics – Fixed and Removable

- Porcelain Fused to Metal


- P2Z